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NeoTokyo: Minau Kou by girlcanrock NeoTokyo: Minau Kou by girlcanrock
Originally drawn 2013, part of the Neo-Tokyo/Sailor New Moon series: here and here

This is Luna and Yaten's daughter Minau. 

Raised between Neo-Tokyo and Kinmoku, Minau looks about eleven or twelve, but her actual age is hard to calculate due to time differences between Neo-Tokyo and Kinmoku plus Luna's Mau genetics and Yaten's Kinmoku genetics. 

She's quiet and sweet, and obsessed with computers. Luna encouraged her to befriend Chibiusa, but Minau is one of Manami's best friends, and when Manami goes rogue, Minau goes with her. The mini-computer she carries is the closest thing to a weapon she carries. Despite her father carrying a sailor crystal, Minau has no senshi form: her powers are limited to changing into a cat and small energy blasts from her moon symbol, but both take a lot of energy and effort. She's definitely the brains behind the operation. 

Minau's design was obviously influenced by Diana's; I guess Minau can be considered an AU version of Diana :) I was super happy with how this one turned out, especially how she's holding her computer. 

Hopefully I'll have Rogue Manami and PinkMoon!Chibiusa designs done sometime in the future. 

Minau belongs to me
Sailor Moon and associated characters belong to Naoko Takeuchi. 
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May 24, 2014
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